The new diaper KUMO was launched on 9-Sep-2021

The new diaper KUMO was launched on 9-Sep-2021

Centing Consumer Goods Co., Ltd is delighted to introduce the launch of KUMO Diaper on the 9th September 2021.

KUMO Diaper is made with JAPAN’s premium raw material that helps provide fast absorption and 100% breathable cotton. The production process strictly adheres to the ISO standard of product safety. With every mother wanting the best for the children, KUMO hereby introduces 2 segments of the product portfolio, KUMO Premium (premium quality with affordable price) and KUMO Smiles (value price with good quality). Giving your babies with KUMO Diaper is as comforting as mom’s love. 

KUMO Diaper provides 12 hours dryness without any leakage and have 360 waistband designed for perfect ease. Ensuring every mother that your child will always be dry, comfortable and safe with KUMO. 

If have any enquire for product related information, please contact the Hot Line below:

Lower Myanmar Hot Line & Viber 09-250501899

Upper Myanmar Hot Line & Viber 09-250501877

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