Company Vision

To be Myanmar’s leading company in the manufacture and distribution of consumer and food products meeting international standards of quality and safety.

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide products that are useful, innovative of international standards of quality and safety that meet customer requirements. We will grow so that we can provide good return maximize our shareholder’s wealth. We value our employees and will train & develop them and provide competitive compensation.

We achieve this though

  • Careful selection, training & development and the retention of good talent.
  • Relevant ISO certification of our product processes.
  • Collaboration with other well-known manufacturers.
  • Research and development activities.


Our values

  • Integrity and honesty in all our dealings with customers, suppliers, staff and others.
  • Leadership and teamwork in all our people.
  • Innovation & resourceful.
  • Trust & respect.

EAC History

Europe & Asia Commercial Co.,Ltd. (EAC) was formed in 1994 as a trading company, exporting agriculture products to neighboring countries and importing consumer products from China. We started changing our business model in 1996 as a manufacturers and distributors of consumer’s products. Over the last 15 years, EAC had grown rapidly in the consumers, foods and beverages industry. Nowadays, EAC products touch every day’s life of consumers in Myanmar. With a wide range of product category and brands, EAC become the market leaders of manufacturers and distributors in consumer industry in Myanmar. With our core philosophy of providing quality products to consumers, EAC apply international standard management system in our manufacturing process and we focus on our CRM in order to provide the best service to our customers in the long term basic.


  • Feel empowered to take decisions
  • Be responsible to deliver what is promised
  • Work with integrity and honesty
  • Take every opportunity to improve your professional skills
  • Be rewarded for great performance
  • Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do
  • Fulfil your desire to