Silky & Conditioning Smooth Shampoo


Misss (Old): For Lengthy Black Hair

Shampoo with its conditioning affects the riches, health and chunkiness for the hair. Being set by Black Shine Formula, it shields from the damages & colour changes caused by the Sun. Furnishing the hair in results of shining special effects.

Misss Shampoo with conditioner outcomes softness for the hair. Even for long hair, it will deeply nourish from the scalp to the tip making it easier to manage. It also gets hair shinier, bouncier and healthier. Misss Advance high-Tech technology extracts natural essence from nature to make hair soft, firm and silky.


Misss Black Smooth Shiny Hair

Due to the conditioner it softens, making the hair flexible. When used for an extended period of time, it transforms the hair into hale and healthy shiny black. It works well with the changing of color into red head, dry & hay like hair resulting from the sunbeam and life less pale dull hair. It supports the hair to be manageable.

Misss Shampoo with conditioner influences stuffiness for hair. Eucalyptus nutrients are known for blackening the hair while speeding up the time it takes the hair to re-grow. It also prevents the hair from dry and dull form due to daily exposure to the sun. Misss shampoo with Eucalypt nutrients leaves hair shiny and soft after every wash.

Misss Anti-Dandruff

With the effect of Zinc Pyrithione it cools the scalps & kills dandruff, reducing & protecting itchiness leaving cleanliness.

Misss Shampoo conditioner results in hairiness for the hair. With essential nourishing Olive nutrients, it restores the scalp’s natural balance to relieve dryness and restores hair luster. It certainly leaves hair soft and silky, solving with dandruff problems. This beauty invention concentrates scalp treatment to eliminate dandruff and flaking.

Misss Bio-Nutrient with Bio-Vitamin E

Misss shampoo, by the involvement of Bio Vitamin E it prevents from severe splitting, dry & dullness, brittle hairs. Strengthening the hair it forms softness & prevailing towards the hair when used continuously.

The product shampoo with conditioner effects stuffiness for hair. It also contains multi-vitamins E, B5, and nourishments penetrating the roots for normal hair. It also bounce back & restores natural shine, softness and easy to manage status.

Misss (new): Moisturizing (Tea herbal Oil)

Enrich with oil extracted from a Tea shrub, Misss new creamy and rich formula preserves hair moisturizing and sleekly. Coating of Vital B+ nourishes hair fibers, transforming dry, brittle hair to touchable soft hair.

Misss Hair Fall Control (Wheat Protein)

Hydrolyzed wheat protein provides thorough nourishment within the roots of the hair thus promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall. Coating of Vital B+ nurtures hair fiber by transforming dry, brittle hair into touchable soft hair.

Misss Damaged Hair Reconstruction (Beeswax)

Misss Shampoo Formulated with Beeswax extracts to provide intensive treatment and nourishment for damaged hair repair all damaged hair and effectively prevents formation of split ends. With just one wash, damaged hair becomes smooth and silky. Coating of Vital B+ nourishes hair fiber, transforming dry, brittle hair to touchable soft hair.

miss 01

Shampoo with Conditioner
For Black Shin Hair With Eclipta Nutrient
Weight : 200ml

miss 02

Shampoo with Conditioner
Anti Dandruff
Weight : 200ml

miss 03

Nutrient Shampoo
With Bio-Nutrient Bio-Vitamin E
Weight : 200ml

miss 04

Silky Smooth Shampoo (Internsive Treatment)
For Damaged Hair (Bee Wax)
Weight : 180ml

miss 05

Silky Smooth Shampoo(Moisturizing & Nourishing)
For Dry Hair (Tea Tree Oil)
Weight : 180ml

miss 06

Silky Smooth Shampoo (Hair Fall Control)
For Weaken Hair (Wheat Protein)
Weight : 180ml