Family Care Soap

Family Care



Family Care: Antibacterial

Contains anti-bacteria ingredient, which kills 99.99% bacteria far better than any other. Keeping hygienically clean, it provides 24-hour bacteria protection for all users. Restores moisturizing and smoothness to every parts met after each wash. Easy to rinse off, it leaves you with a sweet, fruity peachy fragrance.

Family Care Classic

With Advanced anti-bacteria agent, Family Care Classic prevents germs spread up to 99% to the skin. Setting it to your daily use, it safeguards bacterial infections caused. Innovated fragrance freshens you throughout the day giving 24 hours protection for you & your family. It is such a suitable use for all.

Family Care Deo-active

With Advanced anti-bacteria agent, Family Care Deo-Active provides bacteria protection up to 99.9%. By means of Deo-Active formula, Family Care strongly removes harsh odors cause by sweat. Works like a miracle over sweaty stinks triggered from over sweat bodies. Giving you freshness & bacterial protection throughout the whole 24 hours period.

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Family Care Classic
Weight : 125 g

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Family Care Vital Care
Weight : 125 g

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Family Care Deo-Active
Weight : 125 g