Shampoo Hair Strengthening



Bon Natural Shampoo with Coconut Oil

Bon Natural Shampoo is prepared from 100% fruits and herbs extracts with the blending of pure coconut oil. Working best on frizzy and dry hair, it nourishes and strengthens deep from the roots to the tips. Another awesome fact is that it prevents splits ends; nourishing and revitalizing the scalp to develop easy manage of the hair.

Bon Natural Shampoo with Soya Protein

Natural shampoo made from 100% fruit and herb extracts naturally blending in with proteins of soya beans. It is much suitable for straight, long & thick hair. Other qualities are soothing, nourishing and revitalizing the scalp. Adding a bounce to the weak, limp hair it gives a lustrously gorgeous new look everyone craves for.

Bon Natural Shampoo with Malt & Aloe Vera

Another BON series that is made from fruit and herb extracts combining with Malt and Aloe Vera is presented for normal hair. While Malt components strengthen the hair, Aloe Vera particles gives natural shine and softness to the texture. It also benefit improvements, making hair easier to wear elegantly & stylish.

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Coconu Oil
For Frizzy & Dry Hair
Weight : 7ml

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Malt & Aloe Vera
Soy Normal Hair
Weight : 7ml

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Soy Protein
For Straight & Sleek Hair
Weight : 7ml